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I dunno if any of you will care but for awhile, I haven't been feeling too well and I think I need a break from Deviant Art. I'm realizing I don't post as often as I should and it's because I don't have the encouragement to. I might just deactivate my account, I'm not fully sure yet. I just haven't been completely ok in the head lately so yeah. I'll still be on from time to time but only for checking notifications and things. Otherwise, I won't be submitting for I don't know how long. Sorry ahead of time for this but there's just been some issues in my life that involve friends and family and I need to get some recollection of things. Having said that, whoever may be reading this, I wish you a good day/night.

P.s If this is the last I ever post on DA, I just want to thank you guys for 23 watchers. It's a small number but I really do mean it from the bottom of my heart, love you all.
So, I know i don't have any watchers but I was wondering, do my small amount of watchers feel ok with me drawing things like furries or somEthiHG? Or what would you like to see me draw more? I usually don't draw anything besides people so I'm up for the challenge I guess. Plus I don't upload as often as I should because of life and me not knowing what to draw. So if you have any suggestions put them down below uwu

Also I'm still taking requests, so if you're interested just message me or something.
So I was thinking, I've been in the mood to animate lately so I might take requests for gifs for pfp's so yeah. 

Just if I do go through with this and you ask me for a request, please don't rush, the chromebook I use to draw will sometimes crash so- It happened to me today and I lost the thing I was animating ooof

Also it will probably just be a simple winking animation or something similar, I'm not good at staying consistent sorry ;o;
Ok so, I was thinking about it earlier, and there was this game that really spiked up in popularity back in 2012. It was similar to Wizard101 from what I remember. You could have dragons, meet people online, I think you could have powers and collect currency? I'm not sure about the last 2 but yeah. If you can think of it, tell me otherwise I think my head might explode. It also had pretty bad graphics. It looked like it had graphics like Spyro the Dragon. (if you even know what that is.) But again I'm basing this off memory so I might be completely wrong about all of this. :')
I think I'm dying
Ok, so, I've been thinking, I don't know what I would do as far as categories for this but I kind of wanna hold like a little quiz kind of thing every week. Like, I'll have a question in the description of one drawing per week and whoever gets it right, will get a free piece of art from me. If people are interested in my art, I'll give it a shot, mostly because I have terrible art block. I'm just kind of scared that not many people will participate in this so- ;w;
Send help, I have homework I need to do yet I'm sitting on my fat ass getting nothing done. But I wanna stay on Deviantart-

p l e a s e

It's my birthday- I know my profile says otherwise but I explained that awhile ago (My sister tampered with my account when I was making it)

I got anime merch I need help anime is ta k i ng ov e r   m e
Eheheheheh anyone know that feeling when your friend would rather watch anime then hang out with you? Yeah, me too. 

I'm so lonely lmao I wanna cry
Ahahaha no one probably cares but I wanna just put it out there that my birthday on my profile is fucked up, my birthday is actually February 23, but my sister tampered with my account while I was still making it so tough luck for me I guess. Again, no one probably cares but yeah, also I'm kind of dumb so if there's a way to possibly change that, mind telling me? Cause that would be great.